Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Poem and a Painting: Other Moons

She looked at him running down Smokey Bear Canyon
‘it’s only the asphalt that holds the earth together’
and when the thunder makes it tremble from underneath

it only leaves a scar on the road

Enough for the flesh eating ants
to begin the breaking of the heart

enough for the blue grass
to take root behind your eyes
as soon as you wake up
and feel the sun trying to invade your madrigal
the lines and the curves
emanating from behind his neck

Letting your thoughts bubble through your nostrils
his body heat

the taste of the open fire on his breastbone
her fingerprints left on his collarbone

the old ghosts of the wind adorned his first song

and the rock had a light…

... and a Third Moon.

All illustrations, paintings and poems (c) 2010 Bon Nielsen